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If you are charged with a criminal offense in Brazoria County Texas, the most important decision that you have to make is choosing the right criminal defense attorney. Unfortunately, being innocent is not enough. There are innocent people serving time in jails and prisons throughout Texas. You must have legal counsel to protect your rights and fight for you and your liberty.

Criminal defense lawyer Victor Sturm has been defending Brazoria County clients for more than thirty years, providing effective defense in thousands of cases across a wide range of criminal charges. When the state moves to convict you, Victor is ready. His goal is always to get your charges dropped.

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  • Sturm will handle your criminal case personally. When you have been arrested, your clean record and reputation hang in the balance. Unlike some firms that promise a "specialist" but allow less experienced associates to handle your case,  Sturm gives it his undivided personal attention.  He and his expert paralegal staff will sift through the often complex details of your case and leave no stone unturned to mount the proper defense for you.

  • Experience in the Brazoria County Criminal Justice System counts. Having represented clients in Brazoria County for more than thirty years has afforded attorney Sturm the opportunity of becoming very familiar with the various district courts, and the way things are done within the county court system. He uses this familiarity to high advantage wasting no time or effort in moving your case forward to its best possible conclusion.

  • Sturm does not automatically assume your case cannot be won and seek a plea bargain.  As the result of taking a plea bargain,  you could lose your right to carry a weapon, you could lose your right to practice your profession,  you could lose your license to drive, and you could even be denied renting or purchasing a place to live.

  • Most importantly, you could lose your freedom. Criminal defense attorney Sturm aggressively fights to have the charges against you dismissed. Just because you were arrested does not mean that you are assumed guilty. If you elect to go to trial instead of accepting a plea for an offense that you did not commit, Sturm is ready and well able to defend your case in court.






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    The Sturm Law Firm defends Brazoria County clients charged with a broad range of criminal offenses, from minor traffic violations to serious felony assault. Click/Tap Areas below for detailed info:


    The Sturm Law Firm can assist  throughout the entire legal process after an arrest. The first vital issue is getting  released from custody, and this is an area where attorney Sturm can help. Although not a bail bondsman, Victor Sturm is authorized to post bail bonds for his clients who are arrested in Brazoria County, Texas. He will conveniently include the amount paid him to post the bond in you or your loved one's attorney's fees.  He can post the bond immediately and your family member or friend can be out of jail in the shortest possible time.


    Victor Sturm understands that being arrested is very traumatic and that it can be incredibly upsetting, even terrifying, to face criminal charges. That is why he has focused his practice on serving those who have been charged with a criminal offense or offenses. Sturm is a powerful advocate for your constitutional rights and possesses the education, skill and track record needed to help uphold them and defend you in court.

    The Sturm Law Firm takes all types of cases and Sturm, with the aid of his expert staff, will do everything possible to help ensure that you do not have to suffer harsh penalties such as jail or prison time, probation, community service, steep fines, loss of license, credit damage, career damage or other similar consequences. He knows how a criminal conviction can ruin your reputation and otherwise negatively impact your life. Victor Sturm will do everything possible to see that this doesn't happen, and that things don't turn out the way prosecutors intend for them to.  




    After your release the next vital issue is dealing with the charges which have been brought against you. It is a well-established fact that the talent, focus and dedication of an experienced defense attorney can greatly influence the outcome of your criminal case. Brazoria County criminal defense attorney Victor Sturm applies his thirty plus years of experience in defending criminal cases to help get your charges reduced, or even dropped completely.

    Criminal charges are a serious issue in Texas and our state has some of the harshest penalties in the country. It is absolutely vital that the defense of your case starts right away, even while you are still in jail. Sturm can meet you in jail, bond you out if needed, and start immediately to file a response with the Court.





    Brazoria County criminal attorney Victor Sturm can help defend you from a wide range of offenses, including DWI, all types of drug crimes, including possession, grow house offenses, drug distribution and possession with intent, weapons crimes, theft crimes such as shoplifting, robbery, burglary and fraud, and violent crime charges of all kinds, including assault, murder, manslaughter, kidnapping, aggravated assault, harassment and domestic violence.

    Sturm is also a Bail Bond lawyer who can post bond for his clients who are arrested in Brazoria County. This can save you the time and expense of locating and hiring a bondsman.

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